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Beth Bauer

Beth Bauer

Beth is a freelance writer residing in Fishers, Indiana with a background in print journalism. Her full time job as a stay at home mom allows her to explore the beauty of art and life through her two young daughters' eyesone finger painting at a time.

Colors in Harmony: Basics of Analogous Colors

big book of color analogous

Just call them the friendliest shades on the block. Analogous colors sit next to each other on the color wheel, sharing a common color. Basically, they are color neighbors who live together in harmony. The Big Book of Color provides a fresh, fun way to understand how these colors combos unite to make appealing art.

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Crayon-tastic Artwork: from The Big Book of Art

draw crayon animals

It's funny how our perspectives change as we grow up. As a child, I thought my crayon masterpieces were just as worthy of being hung in a museum as they were of decorating my parents' refrigerator. Years passed, and I willingly retired my crayons for "grown up" mediums like oil and acrylic paints. Even colored pencils and chalk ranked far above those crayons. Mere child's play, I thought.

FILED UNDER: Art Bites, Children / TAGGED: crayons, art for kids, children's art, drawing, how to draw

Delicious Doodling: from Doodling for Foodies

doodling for foodies gemma

Food lovers rejoice! We have the perfect book to blend your culinary delights with your artistic genius: Doodling for Foodies. Consider it a gourmet guide to channel all your good taste to the doodling page.

FILED UNDER: Art Bites / TAGGED: doodling, drawing, how to draw, gemma correll, foodies, illustration, creative

The Big Book of Color

big book of color for kids cool colors

Color me happy! My daughters and I just love The Big Book of Color. Page by page we've taken a journey together through a rainbow of shades and concepts. With it's bold, vivid illustrations and super simple learning tools, we've been able to cover everything from the color wheel to complementary colors to the emotions tied to colors. 

FILED UNDER: Children, The Color Mix / TAGGED: color mixing, drawing for kids, drawing, how to draw, cool colors, blues

How to Draw Stick Figure Selfies

stick sketch personality test

Let's start with a simple question: What is a stick figure? There's more to it than you think. Those fine lines and basic shapes are actually the "skeletons" of more complicated drawings. In fact, animators and cartoonists sketch stick figures first to get the look and feel of a character before adding more color, layers, and definition to make a sleek, 3-D image.

FILED UNDER: Art Bites / TAGGED: stick figure, drawing, how to draw, creative, art selfie


Every artist was first an amateur.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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