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Beth Bauer

Beth Bauer

Beth is a freelance writer residing in Fishers, Indiana with a background in print journalism. Her full time job as a stay at home mom allows her to explore the beauty of art and life through her two young daughters' eyesone finger painting at a time.

A Whale of a Good Time: From Learn to Draw Sea Creatures

learn to draw orca

Children who are fascinated with the sea and its wonderful world of exotic creatures will have a whale of a good time exploring Learn to Draw Sea Creatures. With detailed, step-by-step directions for drawing over 25 amazing ocean animals, kids will love making art with a porpoise—I mean, purpose. 

FILED UNDER: Art Bites, Children / TAGGED: sea creatures, learn to draw, drawing, drawing for kids, orca

Playing with Patterns: Learn to Draw Patterns with Barroux

kids draw patterns

Patterns are prevalent in our daily lives. Every polka dot, stripe, zig-zag, and squiggle adds its own character and quirkiness to the clothes we wear, the roads we travel, the billboards we see, and even the pets we own.

FILED UNDER: Making Art / TAGGED: patterns, colors, coloring, drawing, how to draw, art for kids

Mean-n-Messy Monsters

how to cartoon for kids

It's about to get messy around here (and a little scary!) Just in time for this month's spooky festivities comes a book that will probably creep you out, make you laugh, and bring out your inner monster (yikes!!) Here's a peak at Mean-n-Messy Monsters from the Cartooning for Kids series by Dave Garbot. 

FILED UNDER: Art Bites, Children / TAGGED: Halloween, how to draw, cartooning, creative, creatures

Let it Grow: Cultivating Your Creative Life

When it comes to your creative life, what type of seeds have you planted? Doubt, discouragement, hesitancy? Artist and author Alena Hennessy invites us to take a deeper look at the innate artist within all of us and go back to our roots. Her book, Cultivating Your Creative Life, may be just the catalyst to root out negativity and allow your artistic garden to beautifully blossom.

FILED UNDER: Snapshot Inspiration / TAGGED: cultivate, creativity, grow, garden, weeds, seeds, how to draw

Comical Creativity: Archie and Jim Henson Journals

Journaling can be one of the best ways for artists to relax, reflect, spark creativity, and perhaps even get to know themselves better. How cathartic yet energizing to freely draw, write, and dream with a personal journal.

FILED UNDER: Art Bites / TAGGED: jim henson, archie, comics, doodle, journal, how to draw, comics

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Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort.

Franklin D. Roosevelt

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