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Janessa Osle

Janessa Osle

Janessa is Assistant Editor at Walter Foster Publishing. With strong opinions about everything, Janessa has an insatiable appetite for life and a profound love for the Ramones (and music in general), literature, art, nature, and her cats. 

Varvara Harmon

how to paint rocks

Skilled multimedia artist Varvara Harmon has been drawing and painting for as long as she can remember. "I was one of those kids who drew on everything and anything: walls, furniture, whatever I could find!" Art has always been a huge part of her life wherever she has lived and worked. Varvara is also the author of Painting in Acrylic.

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Jeannie Lee

how to draw manga

Jeannie Lee, gifted anime and manga artist and co-author of The Art of Drawing Manga & Comic Book Characters, became "obsessed" with drawing at the age of 9. This was around the time she discovered Japanese animation and Korean comics; she was drawn in both visually and spiritually. Initially, she traced panels from comics and, eventually memorizing the lineart, was able to draw them from memory, altering details and making the art her own.

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Alain Picard

alain picard painting child

Alain Picard, talented and refined pastel artist and author of Pastel Basics, discovered his love for art at a very early age.

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Painter Patti Mollica

patti mollica

Patti Mollica, gifted oil and acrylic painter and author of Modern Acrylics and Color Theory, first became passionate about art when she was a little girl. Her first role model was her babysitter, who would come over with a sketchbook and oil pastels.

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Martin Clarke

martin clarke 2

Martin Clarke, talented Western Australian artist and author of Oil & Acrylic: Oceans & Seascapes, discovered his artistic talents later in life. After training and working in the field of science for many years, Martin accidentally stumbled into the world of painting in 2001. His introduction to art was a bit unorthodox—he had just built a new house that had a lot of bare walls and, because he couldn't afford to buy any new art, he decided to throw some color on the walls himself.

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It's kind of fun to do the impossible.

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