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Jennifer Gaudet

Jennifer Gaudet

Jennifer is Associate Editor at Walter Foster Publishing. Lover of the written word and strong coffee, mostly anti-domestic, lifelong journal-keeper. Collector of anything striped. 

Cartoonist John Loter: Learn to Draw Mickey Mouse & Friends

vintage disney mickey artwork

Meet cartoonist and character artist John Loter, illustrator of Learn to Draw Mickey & Friends Through the Decades. A former character art director for Disney Consumer Products, Loter now works as an independent artist and runs Loter, Inc., a creative design entertainment company, with his wife, Shelley.

FILED UNDER: Artist Spotlight / TAGGED: drawing, disney, how to draw, mickey, classic mickey, cartooning, illustration, character art

Designer & Illustrator Fiona Gowen

Fiona Gowen's quirky, fun illustrations bring the creative exercises and prompts in 150 Fun Things to Doodle to life, including everything from a personalized robot to a furry sheepdog. Fiona currently works as a freelance illustrator in the UK, but also has design experience in local studios as well as the publishing industry in London. I had the opportunity to chat with Fiona about what inspires her work, as well as her eclectic mix of hobbies and interests (crochet and brewing homemade beer are both on the list!)

FILED UNDER: Artist Spotlight, Children / TAGGED: , doodling, illustration, how to draw, drawing, artist

Penny Raile

tangles and book

Penny Raile's journey to become an artist involves getting out of your own head and letting go of fear—her story encourages the creator in each of us that it's never too late to trust your talents and pursue what you love. Although Penny discovered a love for art in college, for years afterward she felt compelled to craft, draw, and paint, but struggled with self-doubt. In recent years, she has explored and stepped into a new identity as an artist, personally and professionally. Today she works and makes her home in a 1600 square-foot Los Angeles studio full of color and inspiration.

FILED UNDER: Artist Spotlight / TAGGED: zentangle, doodling, how to draw, drawing

Shooting with Soul: A Caribbean Sunset

tropical sunset

As I scanned through my photo library, one snapshot seemed to fit the description "Head in the Clouds" far and above the others. It's actually harder not to have your head in the clouds on an island vacation.

FILED UNDER: Snapshot Inspiration / TAGGED: sunsets, art inspiration, painting sunsets, photography, sky, clouds

Greg Guler: Learn to Draw Phineas and Ferb

greg guler 3

"I've always loved creating a world where the rules didn't apply, a fantasy environment. My parents used to ask me why I wouldn't just draw a normal horse—I prefer to make up my own renditions of characters." ~Greg Guler

FILED UNDER: Artist Spotlight / TAGGED: Greg Guler, Artist Spotlight, Disney, Phineas and Ferb, Illustration, Animation, Drawing


Creativity is intelligence having fun.

Albert Einstein

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