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Kristen Rock

Kristen Rock

Kristen is an artist living in Norfolk, VA.  She is happiest with a cup of coffee in one hand and a paintbrush in the other. A sucker for a sweet sunrise and an unexpected adventure, Kristen's latest inspirations include mermaids, dream catchers, and all things nautical. 

Drawing & Painting Beautiful Faces

drawing painting beautiful faces

Australian artist Jane Davenport is the talented author of Drawing & Painting Beautiful Faces. Her advice is both simple and inspiring. "Draw happy," she encourages. Simply flipping through the pages of her book inspires a happy and creative energy. It's easy to see that she uses her joy to depict the most fun, free, and full of life portraits imaginable.

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Creating Texture in Watercolor

watercolor basics texture

For centuries nature and animals have been some of the most popular subjects in art, from landscapes to hunting scenes to pet portraits. Many artists find that creating a life-like texture in watercolor, especially when rendering animal fur, can be a difficult process to master.

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How to Teach Colors to Kids: The Big Book of Color

how to teach color to kids

When I was a child, art was by far my favorite subject. It was freeing and fun and full of imagination. With some simple instructions on the basics of color, I was free to imagine, create, and design to my little heart's content.

FILED UNDER: Children, Making Art / TAGGED: Color, Illustration, Children, Art Basics, Complimentary Colors, Tertiary Colors, art for kids, drawing, color theory, how to draw

Watercolor: How to Use Liquid Mask

watercolor seasons

As much as I think I would like to live in a tropical paradise all year round, there is something special about all four seasons: the newness of spring, the hot summer nights, the crisp, back to school feeling of fall, and the bundled up by the fire feeling of winter. I don't think I could give any of them up. And the lovely thing about art is that you can paint any season at any time, regardless of what the weather might be doing outside your windows.

FILED UNDER: Art Lessons / TAGGED: watercolor, Painting, Illustration, Landscapes, Seasons, liquid mask, frisket

Creating Illusions in Watercolor

watercolor basics 3

Would you consider art an optical illusion? I'm not sure I've ever thought of it that way. But in fact, what we see when we look at art is an illusion. What we're actually looking at is a canvas/paper that has been colored on by some medium to give the illusion of something else.

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Drawing is the honesty of the art. There is no possibility of cheating. It is either good or bad.

Salvador Dali

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