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A Guide to Art Tools & Materials

"Few things excite artists more than the sensory experience of art—the smell of an old studio, the buttery feel of oils under a palette knife, the velvety strokes of a charcoal stick, or the juicy splatters of fresh watercolor paint. The materials alone hold a special place in the hearts of artists, representing possibility, adventure, and a chance to live fully in the moment." ~Elizabeth T. Gilbert

This vintage Walter T. Foster title shows just how timeless this feeling of excitement that fresh (and used!) art tools and materials can evoke. We love the whimsical illustration of the cover art.

 vintage art materials

Image provided by Walter Foster Publishing

The Fine Artist's Guide to Tools & Materials is the perfect reference book for modern artists. With sections on Surfaces & Supports, Drawing Materials, Painting Materials, and Studio & Storage, every aspect of an artist's "toolbox" is covered.

art tools and materialsart materials

What is your favorite drawing or painting tool?

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Take your sketch pad and commune with nature. You have a new thrill coming.

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