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Art Ahoy! Learn to Draw Pirates, Vikings & Ancient Civilizations

"To err is human, to ARR is pirate."

I think you know where I'm going with this one. We're about to set sail on an artistic adventure on the high seas with "Learn to Draw Pirates, Vikings & Ancient Civilizations." Full of history, intrigue, and adventure, this book will be a thrill for any young "scallywag."

Image excerpted from Learn to Draw Pirates, Vikings & Ancient Civilizations

Artist Bob Berry has outdone himself with these legendary heros and mythical creatures. The quality of the illustrations is lifelike, gritty, and incredibly detailed. From a scowling pirate gallantly guarding his chest of gold to a brave knight decked out in his finest battle armor, even a menacing, sharp-fanged sea monster like the Leviathan, these daring depictions will inspire your little explorer to dream bigger and will make the past come alive.

Before embarking on this adventure, "landlubbers" might want to begin with a few drawing exercises. Mastering a few basic shapes will add some wind to their sails for the voyage ahead.

Image excerpted from Learn to Draw Pirates, Vikings & Ancient Civilizations

As young artists enjoy conquering page after page of exciting illustrations, they will also learn fun facts and historical information about the characters they're drawing. Here's a fun fact accompanying the sketches of Leif Eriksson, the famous viking explorer: 

"Leif Eriksson landed in North America almost 500 years before Christopher Columbus arrived in 1492. He explored an area he called Vinland. Some believe Vinland was in Newfoundland, Canada."

Image excerpted from Learn to Draw Pirates, Vikings & Ancient Civilizations

The close of this book encourages children to continue their own epic drawing adventures by visiting a local library to check out books on other people, places, and time periods they find interesting. As visionary Walt Disney once said, "There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate's loot on Treasure Island." Enjoy every minute of the journey with your little explorer.

When's the last time you explored a brave new world artistically?

Beth Bauer

Beth is a freelance writer residing in Fishers, Indiana with a background in print journalism. Her full time job as a stay at home mom allows her to explore the beauty of art and life through her two young daughters' eyesone finger painting at a time.

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Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.

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