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Color In Trees

For more than 90 years, Walter Foster Publishing has developed art instruction books for artists around the world to learn how to draw, paint, and make great art. 

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We love looking through vintage editions of our titles. The beautiful thing about learning how to draw and how to paint is that art is timeless.

This lovely title Color in Trees, Shrubs, Weeds by Frederick J. Garner is an early foray into color publishing for Walter Foster. The spreads are full of lessons for getting the right technique for seasonal foliage - hashing, shading, and capturing that right hue for spring blossoms are just some of the topics covered.

Much of our vintage content has been repurposed in titles that are currently on our publishing list - check out the related products in the sidebar to see what is available!

Do you have any stories about vintage Walter Foster books? We would love to hear them!

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