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Color Me Happy

Series Preview

We can't wait for Race Point's Color Me Happy— coming out in October 2014! This zen coloring book is comprised of 100 coloring templates that are organized into therapeutically-themed chapters, providing adults with the opportunity to explore the benefits of putting pencil to paper. Art therapist Lucy Mucklow and artist Angela Porter offer the perfect way to step back from the chaos of everyday life, color, and feel happy!

Lucy Mucklow writes, "Thinking about the simplicity and basics of the natural world, especially when caught up in the stresses of an urban lifestyle, can bring contentment and feelings of gladness. Natural phenomena and creations, such as sunrises and sunsets, snowflakes, rainbows, and flowers, can bring a sense of awe in people with their beauty."

Enjoy one of the natural images Angela Porter offers for you to color:

Images excerpted from Color me Happy

What sort of images would help you feel happy?

Olivia Bartz

Olivia is the Marketing Intern for Quarto Publishing Group USA and is excited to graduate from UC Irvine this June with a B.A. in English. She is happiest when reading a good book or writing about her adventures abroad, and continues to be inspired by all things outdoors. Olivia loves to try out new art mediums and techniques but has yet to be disappointed by a pencil and sketchpad.   

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