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Making Art

Coloring for Grown-Ups


Making art is meant to be fun—some might even call it a relaxing and meditative experience. Sometimes it is a treat to get to build on another artist's work with your own creativity. Coloring is the perfect ready-to-go way to tap into your inner artist.

pictura paris eiffel tower

Coloring Paris features the unique art of talented artist Tomislav Tomic, whose style is so detailed and precise that his drawings take on an engraved look. Through Tomislav's beautiful renderings of Paris, circa 1900, artists are transported to a city filled with excitement as it holds the World's Fair. On the flip side of the panel, artists can learn more about the featured landmarks and how to draw a hot air balloon and your own Parisian scene.

pictura paris bridge pictura paris spread

All photos by Angela Corpus

Which Pictura scene sparks your creative interest?

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Art is the proper task of life.

Friedrich Nietzsche

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