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Sometimes it's nice to get back to the basics. Drawing is a process, and the basics are key to building a foundation on which to create and perfect your own personal style as an artist. Taking the time to refresh your mind on something as simple as "Perspective" can be a fantastic exercise for generating new ideas or looking at current projects from a new "angle."

 pencil drawing

Image via Shutterstock

The Drawing Process

Everyone can draw well if they are exposed to the right drawing techniques. The imaginary box concept is not new and has been applied extensively for many years by designers and artists around the world.

Consider the following categories:

drawing perspective new drawing perspective

Perspective is a basic drawing technique that most artists and designers feel comfortable with executing. Sometimes, going back to basics can give surprisingly fresh perspective to a project, enabling the designer to see a varied and perhaps new angle on a project.

Images and text excerpted from Drawing Masterclass from Rockport Publishers

What are some of your favorite drawing concepts to practice and keep fresh in your mind?

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