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Learn to Draw Almost Naked Animals: Part I

We can't get enough of our fun-loving friends from the Banana Cabana, and now we have the opportunity to create and draw our own adventures for these playful and quirky characters. Almost Naked Animals debuted on Cartoon Network in 2011 and quickly rose to earn a spot as one of the Top 20 shows on the network for boys ages 6 and older.

almost naked animals cover

If you don't already know him, meet Howie, the manager of the Banana Cabana. As you can imagine, Howie's confident and enthusiastic personality comes out in his expressions and movement. Keep this in mind as you're drawing!

There are six steps to drawing Howie, including adding color to your artwork. As every illustrator knows, practice-practice-practice! And coming up next week, we have a couple of ideas for more costumes to add to Howie's character! 

how to draw almost naked animals almost naked animals

Images excerpted from Learn to Draw Almost Naked Animals

Who is your favorite Almost Naked Animal character?

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