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Learn to Draw Almost Naked Animals: Part II

Last week we introduced how to draw Howie from Almost Naked Animals, and this week we have a few new ideas for drawings of Howie to add to your illustrator repertoire.

Props and background scenery add so much to a story, whether a live-action film or an illustrated cartoon. Adding a costume to your drawing of Howie can take him to all new places for a fun story.  In the below example, drawing Howie wearing snorkeling gear and swim floaties immediately tells us that he's ready for an adventure in the water! 

how to draw howie

These fun cartooning tips for drawing expressions might give you ideas for how to squash and stretch a character's features to fit a silly scene. Try this exercise: go to a mirror and make different faces for happy, sad, excited, scared and any other feelings you can think of. Take note of how the shape of your face and the position of your features change with each emotion. See how your eyebrows go up when you're surprised? Draw your character's brow in the same way to achieve a surprised look. Below, it looks like Howie is about to take off running...and you can tell by his expression that he's pretty excited about it! 

almost naked animals howie

Images excerpted from Learn to Draw Almost Naked Animals

What sort of illustrated stories do you have planned for Howie and his friends? What expressions and costumes will you need to draw?

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