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Learn to Draw a Green Iguana

All About Drawing Wild Animals & Exotic Creatures

Learning to draw wild animals and exotic creatures means that the color possibilities are endless. These animals live in vibrant jungles and landscapes that are fun to explore in real life and in art.

draw green iguana

Learn to Draw a Green Iguana

draw a green iguana 1

Did you know?

The iguana's versatile tail acts as a whip in fights and a propeller when swimming. It can also be shed if the lizard is in danger!

draw green iguana 4

Fun Fact

In the wild, green iguanas live in tropical forests. They like to spend their time high in the treetops, basking in the sun. If possible, they like to be in trees that are above water, about 40-50 feet high. If a predator shows up, these agile lizards drop into the water and stay under until the threat is gone. What a disappearing act!

draw a green iguana 6

What wild and exotic animals do you like to draw?

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