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Snapshot Inspiration

Painting Inspiration: 1000 Dog Portraits

Sometimes as artists we can use a little inspiration to try a new style, a new technique, or perhaps simply to step out into a new color scheme.

1000 dog portraits

1000 Dog Portraits is a beautiful compilation of dog portraits from around the world. Author Robynne Raye, of Modern Dog Design, has curated a selection of varied portrait styles that capture our canine friends in all their beauty.

how to draw beagle

With a whole chapter on "How Many Ways Can You Draw a Beagle" there is a plethora of inspiration for artists looking to explore their personal technique and push the limits of expression.

how to paint pit bull how to paint chihuahua

Images excerpted from 1000 Dog Portraits by Robynne Raye

How does reviewing other artists' work inspire you for your next piece? 

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