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Snapshot Inspiration

Setting up a Still Life: Sunflowers


Setting up a still life can be an enjoyable process. Allow your theme to determine the objects and how you place them in the scene. In this composition, a variety of textures spice up a simple floral setup to create an eclectic country theme. The bright, simple shapes of the sunflowers serve as the dominant focus, with the blanket adding detail and contrast. The rustic wood backdrop, chipped table, and unusual vase add interest with soft, mottled textures. 

sunflower photo

Flower Center Detail

For the interior of the sunflowers, I make dark, jagged marks circling the centers while leaving some areas white. I blend the edges of the circular centers into the base of each petal. In the sunflower at right, I sketch swirling lines radiating from the center and blend with a tortillon in a circular motion. I keep the very center of the flower light.

how to draw sunflower

Images and text excerpted from Pencil Drawing Step by Step by Cynthia Knox

What flowers do you like to use for still life drawings?

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