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Shooting with Soul: Taste

The Art & Beauty of Food

One of my favorite pastimes is cooking. I love combining ingredients to create beautiful and tasty dishes. There's an art form—and science—to mixing and matching flavors, colors, and textures and arranging the finished product on a plate or table. And there is plenty of natural beauty in food alone.

Photo Credit: Stephanie Meissner

Take this pomelo, for example. I love the texture and sunny color of the rind, as well as its unique shape. But the real treasure is what's inside.

Photo Credit: Stephanie Meissner

Delicate, juicy citrus fruit in gorgeous shades like a sunset. I can almost taste and smell it, just looking at the image.

Food is a wonderful subject for photography, drawing, or painting. It allows the artist to explore myriad techniques, including lighting; capturing color and texture; and arranging meaningful compositions. It also invites us to explore and interpret emotion and feeling that may come from experiencing food in culture, lifestyle, travel, community, and family.

Try your hand at this exercise and explore "Taste" in your preferred art form. Capture your favorite food experiences in photographs and translate the feeling, emotion, colors, or textures in your medium of choice. The opportunities are endless!

What medium would you use to capture the experience of taste?

Try these techniques from the book:

Stephanie Meissner

Stephanie is Senior Editor at Walter Foster Publishing. A lifelong bibliophile, Stephanie also loves photography, design, typography, and cooking. She blogs about her artistic endeavors and creative adventures at

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