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Sneak Peek: Creative Lettering & Beyond

We love lettering at Walter Foster and we're really excited about Creative Lettering and Beyond coming out in November 2014! From modern calligraphy to illustrated lettering to chalk lettering to lettering crafts, this step-by-step guide to the world of lettering is great for beginners as well as lettering artists.

The prompts, projects, and exercises in this book are designed to inspire you to create beautiful hand-lettered works of art, gifts, home décor, and more! You can find the supplies for all the projects, prompts, and exercises at your local art & craft store or favorite art supplies retailer and hardware stores.

Check out the following exercise on creating the calligraphy look:

Lettering Art by Gabri Joy Kirkendall

I love the creativity so present in this book—never would I have imagined that you could use watercolor to create beautiful lettering. Look at the following lesson on gouache & watercolor lettering:

Images excerpted from Creative Lettering & Beyond, Lettering by Gabri Joy Kirkendall

The book goes on to teach you how to make your own DIY chalkboard, calligraphed place settings, and more! This book is a real treat for anyone interested in exploring the many applications for lettering or making beautiful works of art for their home that incorporate their favorite quotes.

Creative Lettering and Beyond features the lettering talent of artists Gabri Joy Krikendall (, Laura Lavender (, Julie Manwaring (, and Shauna Lynn Panczyszyn (

What quote would you like to hand letter?

Olivia Bartz

Olivia is the Marketing Intern for Quarto Publishing Group USA and is excited to graduate from UC Irvine this June with a B.A. in English. She is happiest when reading a good book or writing about her adventures abroad, and continues to be inspired by all things outdoors. Olivia loves to try out new art mediums and techniques but has yet to be disappointed by a pencil and sketchpad.   

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