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The Art of Cartooning & Illustration

Cartooning has always been a unique and comedic way to express ideas and messages. Developing a unique cartooning style, writing story lines, and creating gags are all a part of the artistic process. Try this technique from the new book!

art of cartooning stretch

The Squash and Stretch Principle- with Joe Oesterle

Early animators created the "Squash & Stretch Principle." These pioneer cartoonists realized the importance of exaggeration when conveying both motion and emotion. Traditionalists would tell you your head is rigid. The skull and jawbone don't have a lot of give or flexibility to them. Luckily, you're a cartoonist. You laugh at convention, scoff at accepted truths, and—most importantly—are scared to death at the prospect of working a "real job." Notice how much emotion you're able to demonstrate by simply "rubberizing" a character's head.

Excerpted from The Art of Cartooning & Illustration

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To create one's own world, in any of the arts, takes courage.

Georgia O'Keeffe

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