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Doodling with Jim Henson

"As children, we all live in a world of imagination, of fantasy, and for some of us that world of make-believe continues into adulthood." ~Jim Henson

Everybody scribbles. And it's not just for kids! Doodling and scribbling have long been enjoyable pastimes. From prehistoric cave drawings at the dawn of man to innovative creations scrawled in college notebooks, people of all ages through the ages have sketched and scribbled. 

Jim Henson Design: Scribbles are the elements of our own psyche and imagination, brought to life by the magic of Jim Henson. Inspired by Jim's original artwork, the Scribbles are characters that embody our pent-up emotions, as well as our hopes, dreams, and fears. If you've got something to express—good or bad, happy or sad—we invite you to do so...

jim henson doodles

Make your own Scribble.

Dream it now and do it later.

This Scribble is the dreamer in you who gazes off into the clouds and imagines something greater. For this Scribble, a cloud is never a cloud. It's a castle besieged by dragons. It's a two-headed turtle wearing a jet pack. No matter what it is, this guy somehow sees the magic hidden within. Sure, he's a tad idealistic and impractical at times. He's rarely prepared for the countless obstacles standing in the way of his ambitious dreams. Yet that never stops this Scribble. In his heart beats the hope in all of us for grander possibilities and greater thrills. That spirit who dares to ascend beyond the norm and achieve the extraordinary. So in the end, it's dreamers like this Scribble that inspire us to succeed, just because he believes we all can.

jim henson how to doodle

Images and text excerpted from Doodling with Jim Henson

What sort of scribble are you feeling like today?

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Try your hand sketching at the zoo.

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