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Walter Foster at Alcatraz

Painting for Fun

Recently, one of our staff members toured the old prison on Alcatraz Island. Throughout the tour there were displays in the cells featuring activities that inmates used to do in their free time. Painting was one of those activities!

Our staffer was excited to see a vintage Walter T. Foster title among the displays: Painting for Pleasure. The display even features a couple of seascape paintings-- mainland views from the island, perhaps painted by inmates years ago. 

vintage walter foster at alcatraz

Photo Credit: Susan Hogan

vintage walter foster

Photo Credit: Google Images

We love the idea of "painting for pleasure." Painting should be fun! Sometimes it's easy to get wrapped up in a certain piece or to be working with limited time or on deadlines and lose the sense of "joie de vivre" that originally inspires us to start painting in the first place.

Try this paint scraping technique from 101 Mixed Media Techniques to add lines and texture to your next abstract painting project. There is something fun about the sheer motion of scraping - it's very tactile!

mixed media scraping

Lesson excerpted from 101 Mixed Media Techniques: Master the Fundamental Concepts of Mixed Media Art-- due out next month, January 2014.

What are some ways that you add fun and variety to your painting process?

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