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Washi Tape Birthday Cards

Put your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret of success.
-Swami Sivananda

One of my hobbies that I've kept up with through the years is making my family members cards for their birthdays. They've come to look forward to and expect a handmade card. Sometimes when I'm extremely busy, I think, "Why did I ever start this?" But then after I've come up with an idea, made it, and given it to them, I remember why when I see the joy on their faces. Hardly anyone takes the time to hand make a gift anymore. In an age when we can get every thing *right now*, there is sentimental value in a handmade card that doesn't come across in a card bought at the local drug store. That is why, Washi Tape by Courtney Cerruti is so wonderful. Whatever you're decorating—a card, book, or the walls for a party—this is a fun, fast, and easy way to add color to your project.

washi tape birthday card

BIRTHDAY CARD Whip up a cute little cupcake for a birthday card. Using 1½" (3.8 cm) -wide solid tape, cut out a frosting shape and layer a patterned cupcake wrapper made from patchwork tape on top. Complete with a washi tape candle. Make an enclosure card with the same methods in miniature.

washi tape greeting card

On page 19, the author shows an example of a birthday card using washi tape. She makes colorful cupcakes, but think of all the possibilities: flowers, lettering, and much more. What if you combined washi tape with some stamps and stickers? Or you could use one strip of the tape and put a colorful border along the edge.

Adding washi tape to paper is a quick and satisfying way to create a pop of color or pattern on any item. Use the tape to personalize everyday office and stationery products. Add a burst of neon pink to a neutral card or a swash of metallic gold to a black envelope. Washi tape and paper make a perfect pair!
~Courtney Cerruti

What else could you use Washi Tape for?

Kristen Rock

Kristen is an artist living in Norfolk, VA.  She is happiest with a cup of coffee in one hand and a paintbrush in the other. A sucker for a sweet sunrise and an unexpected adventure, Kristen's latest inspirations include mermaids, dream catchers, and all things nautical. 

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Art, like life, should be free, since they are both experimental.

George Santayana

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