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Stephanie Meissner

Stephanie Meissner

Stephanie is Senior Editor at Walter Foster Publishing. A lifelong bibliophile, Stephanie also loves photography, design, typography, and cooking. She blogs about her artistic endeavors and creative adventures at

Shooting with Soul: Taste: The Art & Beauty of Food

One of my favorite pastimes is cooking. I love combining ingredients to create beautiful and tasty dishes. There's an art form—and science—to mixing and matching flavors, colors, and textures and arranging the finished product on a plate or table. And there is plenty of natural beauty in food alone.

FILED UNDER: Snapshot Inspiration / TAGGED: Shooting with Soul, Alessandra Cave, Photography, fruit, still life

Oil Painter Vanessa Rothe

Vanessa Rothe, oil painting studio, Laguna Beach studio

Meet talented oil painter Vanessa Rothe—author of The Art School Approach: Still Lifes & Florals—and get a glimpse into her painting studio! 

FILED UNDER: In the Studio / TAGGED: in the studio, oil painting

Artist & Designer Amanda Wright

Studio, artist, hand-lettering, design, stationary

Meet talented artist Amanda Wright—one of the contributors to Walter Foster's upcoming publication Pinterest Perfect!—and get a glimpse into her creative workspace!

FILED UNDER: In the Studio / TAGGED: design, in the studio, illustration

Art heals.

Elan Golumb

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