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Heather Linder

Heather Linder

Heather is a journalist and writer living in Chicago with her composer husband and art-loving puppy, Lancelot. She's on an endless quest for the city's best coffee and is endlessly inspired by Chicago's magnificent skyline. Heather is a bookworm, aspiring chef, and NPR fanatic. She's in the process of teaching her beagle to use a French press and overcoming her fear of DIY.

Meditative Art: Tangling Line by Line

tangling tangled patterns

Have you ever tangled before? It involves using lines and repetitive patterns to create elaborate works of art.

FILED UNDER: Making Art / TAGGED: tangling, making art, line drawing, doodling, drawing, how to draw

Great Things Come in Small Packages: Tiny Paintings

how to paint in acrylic pollack

Mark Daniel Nelson wrote Learn to Paint in Acrylics With 50 Small Paintings because of how small paintings inspire him to strip down the frills and focus on the techniques.

FILED UNDER: Art Bites / TAGGED: making art, painting, acrylic, how to paint, learn to paint, jackson pollack

Doodling All the Fish in the Sea

draw a jellyfish

The Jellies exhibit at the Shedd Aquarium in my favorite city of Chicago has been drawing crowds and accolades for years. I've seen that exhibit so many times, and the translucence and mystery of the tiny sea creatures never ceases to amaze me. Jellyfish are such wonders of the sea, the perfect specimens to put to paper.

FILED UNDER: Snapshot Inspiration / TAGGED: making art, doodling, jellyfish, sea creature

Rough Sketching and Gesture Drawing: Two Fundamental Drawing Approaches for an Artistic Boost

academy of art rough sketch

Where do you want to take your art this year? This may sound counterintuitive, but let's take it back to the fundamentals.

FILED UNDER: Art Lessons / TAGGED: making art, drawing, line drawing, fundamentals, gesture drawing, how to draw

If the Shoe Fits, Sketch It

doodling for fashionistas fashion sketching

The fun of doodling comes from not trying too hard.

FILED UNDER: Making Art / TAGGED: making art, doodling, Gemma Correll, fashion, drawing, how to draw


Creativity is contagious. Pass it on.

Albert Einstein

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