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Have you ever thought about designing clothes? Or maybe designing jewelry? Whether you're a budding entrepreneur or you just want to make some great pieces to add to your wardrobe, most designers will tell you that it all starts with the sketch.

fashion design illustration

In Fashion Design Workshop artist Stephanie Corfee walks through the basics of figure drawing with Proportions and Poses:

"In traditional figure drawing, the human body is rendered in proportion. That is, the arms, hands, legs, feet, and torso are always drawn relative to each other in terms of size and space. The average adult body is seven to eight heads tall. In fashion illustration, however, artistic license may be taken to better serve the representation of the clothes being drawn. Fashion figure illustrations often have extraordinaryily long legs, tiny waists, and wide-set shoulders. Many designers adopt their own sketching style. Use the proportions shown here as a guideline, but feel free to exaggerate or change them as you see fit. You are the designer--follow your own unique vision!"

Fashion Design Sketching

"At times you will want to show your model from different angels. Maybe you've drawn a gown with a dramatic back that needs to be shown, or a side slit or other detail would be better represented from a profile view. Remember, the figure you draw is really only there as a 'hanger' for the clothes. Choose the poses that best serve the garments."

Fashion Design Sketching

Find more great instructions and ideas for fashion illustration in Fashion Design Workshop.

Be sure to check out the lesson How to Draw High Heel Shoes available for download in our Resource section.

Angela Corpus

Angela is Marketing Manager for the Quarto Publishing Group USA. A Chicago gal at heart, she recently relocated to southern California and can usually be found exploring the beaches, feeding her newfound inner artist, and chasing sunsets with her camera. A collector of stories old and new, she's an avid postcard sender, and origami cranes always seem to tag along on her travels. Follow her adventures on Twitter: @angelacorpus

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