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How to Draw Snow-Covered Trees

Look at the majestic Rocky Mountains, partially shrouded by snow and clouds. The landscape is covered with snow-frosted fir trees as far as the eye can see. This shot is taken thousands of miles above sea level, where the air is thin and crisp. Even from afar, the fluffy texture of the snowy downpour is evident. The weather creates an interesting contrast and lack of contrast in a monochromatic landscape.

Rocky Mountains

Photo by Heather Linder

You would think that sketching and painting trees would be simple, but the sheer number of leaves, branches, angles and color shades makes the task daunting. The snow also adds an additional layer of complexity. How to Draw and Paint: Trees breaks down the process of drawing trees into more manageable steps to recreate nature's stunning scenes.

how to draw trees

Lesson excerpted from How to Draw & Paint: Trees

What type of landscapes inspire you to create art?

Heather Linder

Heather is a journalist and writer living in Chicago with her composer husband and art-loving puppy, Lancelot. She's on an endless quest for the city's best coffee and is endlessly inspired by Chicago's magnificent skyline. Heather is a bookworm, aspiring chef, and NPR fanatic. She's in the process of teaching her beagle to use a French press and overcoming her fear of DIY.

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An empty canvas is a living wonder, far lovelier than certain pictures.


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