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Zentangle© Artist Penny Raile

Meet Zentangle© artist and author Penny Raile—one of the talented contributors to The Art of Zentangle© and The Art of Tangling Kit—and get a glimpse into her artist loft.

penny raile loft 1

Photo Credit: Angela Corpus

Where do you create?

Everywhere—on my couch, at my over-sized table, on a plane, at a coffee shop, while driving, in office meetings, and I am sorry to admit that I have been known to draw on the church bulletin during a sermon. Here are some doodles made during a meeting.

zentangle doodling

Image Credit: Penny Raile

What inspires you when you're working in your studio?

My drawers are full of stuff. I have been a pack rat for a long time. I just start opening drawers until I find something that catches my attention.

When I am drawing, a pattern or shape can appear to me almost anywhere. I spend a lot of time looking for interesting sidewalk cracks, floor stains, and torn paper. This elephant was inspired by a piece of discarded foil I found.

zentangle elephant

Image credit: Penny Raile

What's your favorite thing about your studio?

All of my storage space, the lack of interior walls and my coffee pot. Caffeine is essential when I am creating. I may pour a cup and not drink it until it is cold, but as long as I know there is coffee in the house, I am happy.

penny raile loft 2

Photo Credit: Angela Corpus

I also love my two extra-large tables that I have sitting side by side. It gives me enough working space to have several projects going at one time. It also allows me to tackle big projects like the large cardboard aquarium full of fish I made from recycled cardboard.

zentangle fish

Image Credit: Penny Raile

art of zentangle

Photo Credit: Angela Corpus

A "maker of stuff," Certified Zentangle© Teacher and artist Penny Raile is known for her whimsical projects that range from cardboard cuckoo clocks to Whimbots crafted from thrift-store finds. Her downtown Los Angeles loft with its turquoise-stained floor and hand-painted walls reflects an eclectic mix of paintings, sewn dolls and creatures, polymer clay objects, and dioramas. Her drawers are full of found objects waiting to be turned into arms or legs for her newest creation. The bookcases are full of art books and journals she has filled with her own drawings and collages. Penny loves color and things that make people smile. She brings her special brand of creativity to all of her professional pursuits, including her many years in fundraising and development for nonprofit organizations. Her projects and events have delighted countless children for whom art is a rare experience. Visit and You can also find some tangling fun from Penny Raile on Facebook at

Angela Corpus

Angela is Marketing Manager for the Quarto Publishing Group USA. A Chicago gal at heart, she recently relocated to southern California and can usually be found exploring the beaches, feeding her newfound inner artist, and chasing sunsets with her camera. A collector of stories old and new, she's an avid postcard sender, and origami cranes always seem to tag along on her travels. Follow her adventures on Twitter: @angelacorpus

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