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New Gamboge

Alright, I'll say it: I love color. There are so many incredible colors in the world, and I'm intrigued to see how different combinations work together and evoke myriad moods—whether in art, fashion, decor, or nature.

New gamboge is a yellow that demands attention. According to Wikipedia, gamboge was originally made from the resin of the gamboge tree (and the process sounds really interesting!). The New Gamboge that we use today is a "deep saffron to mustard yellow" synthetic pigment developed to mimic the color derived from the natural resin. 

In Expressive Color artist Joseph Stoddard uses new gamboge for two of the fruit subjects in this stunning watercolor.

new gamboge sketch 

"Some of the fruit color seeps into the shadow color, suggesting reflected light. I continue with the rest of the fruit, switching to new gamboge for the banana, permanent yellow-orange for the orange (big surprise!), and new gamboge for the pear."

new gamboge watercolor painting

Tell us about how you have used new gamboge in your artwork!

Angela Corpus

Angela is Marketing Manager for the Quarto Publishing Group USA. A Chicago gal at heart, she recently relocated to southern California and can usually be found exploring the beaches, feeding her newfound inner artist, and chasing sunsets with her camera. A collector of stories old and new, she's an avid postcard sender, and origami cranes always seem to tag along on her travels. Follow her adventures on Twitter: @angelacorpus

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