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Placement & Flow for Cartooning

The last decade has been an amazing and exciting time for cartooning. As graphic novels have grown in popularity, the art of cartooning and illustration has continued to improve and advance. If you've been thinking about adding illustration and graphic storytelling to your artistic repertoire, then the idea of placement & flow is an important one to master.

"It may seem obvious but it's vitally important to remember how your readers are going to read your pages. All the beautifully shaped balloons and carefully chosen fonts in the world won't help if the reader can't determine in which order they are supposed to read the balloons!

Remember that the reader will want to read the page the same way as any normal page of a book or magazine: starting at the top left-hand corner, reading from left to right, and top to bottom. Obviously, if you're working in Hebrew or Arabic then the reading order changes! We're talking here about the standard Western reading order."

 cartooning placement flow 

Text and image excerpted from The Art of Cartooning & Illustration

Tell us about your favorite panel layouts!

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