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Making Art

Curing Artist's Block

Mental Exercises

Sometimes stepping back from a piece—whether artwork, writing, craft, decor—is an important part of the artistic process. Artist's block can come in all shapes and sizes, and taking a pause to think about your motivation for a project is a great way to get back to center.

Why Do You Make Work?

Take a moment to analyze your impulse to create artwork. Do you do it because it's fun and you like to make objects with your hands? Do visual images or objects communicate your emotions and thoughts more clearly tha any other mode of expression? Or is it simply that you find creating visual art relaxing and meditative? Answering the question, "What motivates me to make artwork?" may give you focus with regard to your work's content. Jot down in your sketchbook why you like to create in general and why you like to make what you make. -A.R.

artists block cured why

Excerpted from Artist's Block Cured 

Tell us about what motivates you!

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Art is an international language, understood by all.

Igor Babailov

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