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Unique Doodles: Where to Start?

Stephanie Corfee is a Pennsylvania-based artist and author of several art books, including the Creative Doodling & Beyond Inspirational Journal. She describes her art aesthetic as bohemian and whimsical, and she helps readers expand their doodles into detailed little works of art.

Here's a piece of original artwork from Stephanie's blog, which shows how beautiful colors and simple lines can transform text into something you'd want to frame and hang on your wall. 

Unique is the New Black

In Creative Doodling & Beyond she gives instruction and examples of how to jump-start the doodling process and get your creative juices flowing. The journal then gives artists and writers a free space to let imagination run wild. Spend hours or just a few minutes getting down with your artistic side.

Some of the journal's pages feature writing or drawing prompts and others just have beautiful doodles of Stephanie's own design for you to build on. Here is a peek at one of the pages from the doodling journal.

creative doodling kit

Image excerpted from Creative Doodling & Beyond Inspirational Journal

Where do you do your best doodling? During meetings, on the bus, at night in a journal?

Heather Linder

Heather is a journalist and writer living in Chicago with her composer husband and art-loving puppy, Lancelot. She's on an endless quest for the city's best coffee and is endlessly inspired by Chicago's magnificent skyline. Heather is a bookworm, aspiring chef, and NPR fanatic. She's in the process of teaching her beagle to use a French press and overcoming her fear of DIY.

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In painting I want to say something comforting in the way that music is comforting.

Vincent Van Gogh

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