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Honing Your Artistic Style

A Tip from Creative Illustration & Beyond

"Your style is your innate, organic ability to turn any drawing into an illustration uniquely your own. Artists often discover their styles by simply paying attention to their basic likes, including favorite aesthetics, colors, and textures... Take as much or as little artistic license as you like. Think about the details, flourishes, shapes, and signatures you'd like to be recognized by." ~Stephanie Corfee

creative illustration tip

Image and text excerpted from Creative Illustration & Beyond by Stephanie Corfee. Artwork by Stephanie Corfee.

Artist Tip

Challenge yourself to think outside the box with color—paper doesn't have to be white, and outlines don't have to be black. Colors that speak to you can become part of your artistic signature!

How can you style a simple drawing so that it feels like yours?

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Creativity is, quite simply, a genuine interest combined with initiative.

Scott Belsky

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