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Citysketch Paris

I've never been to Paris, but sitting on the patio of a Parisian cafe and writing, sketching, people-watching the day away is definitely on my bucket list. Images of Paris only add details to my daydreams about this future trip, and this lovely courtyard shot is the latest inspiration for my sketchbook.

sketch paris courtyard

Photo courtesy of Kathleen Spinelli

                Be inspired. Get creative. Draw a little and dream big!

sketch paris patio

Citysketch Paris is a sweet little compilation of creative prompts that take you on a sketching tour of the city: Architecture, Art, Culture, Fashion, Food, Landscapes, and People-Watching.

 sketch paris croissants

Sketches excerpted from Citysketch Paris

Perhaps I'll try blending my thoughts about a cafe patio with the Paris courtyard as a background. Dream up a few more flower-filled window boxes on the building across the way. And then someday I'll go find that delightful spot in Paris that I see in my mind's eye. It's out there...

What sort of scenes do you like to sketch while traveling?

Angela Corpus

Angela is Marketing Manager for the Quarto Publishing Group USA. A Chicago gal at heart, she recently relocated to southern California and can usually be found exploring the beaches, feeding her newfound inner artist, and chasing sunsets with her camera. A collector of stories old and new, she's an avid postcard sender, and origami cranes always seem to tag along on her travels. Follow her adventures on Twitter: @angelacorpus

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