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Watercolor: Pinterest Perfect

A Tip from Artist Amanda Wright

Time for a countdown! Pinterest Perfect comes out in three days on May 1st, 2014, and we can't wait for you to see this beautiful book!

pinterest perfect watercolor

This watercolor painting tip from artist Amanda Wright of Wit & Whistle will give you a taste of the projects and lessons available in the upcoming book.

Other types of paint require the addition of white pigment to lighten colors, but with watercolors you just add more water to lighten the shade. Water increases the paint's transparency and allows the white of the paper to show through. The more water you use the lighter your color will be. If you haven't used watercolors before, practice painting gradients on a scrap of paper before beginning your painting.

pinterest perfect 3 day countdown pinterest

Amanda Wright is a self-proclaimed design nerd, and the girl behind Wit & Whistle—an online shop that offers witty greeting cards and whistle worthy paper goods, all designed and illustrated by Amanda. She lives with her husband Daniel and their two dogs, Oliver and Mabel, in a quirky A-frame house in Cary, North Carolina. Visit to learn more.

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