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Pinterest Inspiration

We all love finding inspiration on Pinterest. Whether looking for ideas for a new piece of art, finding DIY projects to brighten up the walls, or planning a party—the ideas are endless.

Here are some pins that have been inspiring us:

watercolor jellyfish

Watercolor Jellyfish by Jessica Durant

gemma correll art

Illustration by artist Gemma Correll

khristian a howell florals

Image by color expert and pattern artist Khristian A. Howell

acrylic painting giraffe

Acrylic Painting by artist Corina St. Martin

Are you working on building your Pinterest following? Pinterest and other social media platforms are incredible tools for showcasing artwork and designs. Book publishers, magazine editors, companies interested in commissioning work: they often find new and upcoming artists via Pinterest. You never know how far a repin can reach.

Whenever possible, link images of your work to your website, portfolio, or online shop. You can also use hashtagged keywords to help people find your art. 
~Pinterest Perfect

These are some of the hashtags and search terms that we like to follow on Pinterest to find inspiration:



acrylic painting

art quotes

pencil drawing

How do you use Pinterest for inspiration?

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