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Artist Spotlight

Urban Art: Street Notes

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Art is a vast world of opportunity and possibility. Some artists begin by picking up a pencil in class and doodling in the margins of textbooks. Ancient artists adorned the walls of caves with intricate stories about life and death. And in our modern world, some artists start out by making their mark in public spaces through street art.

AVone urban art

In recent years "Urban Art" has been getting more and more attention and recognition in the art community and the style has transitioned to the canvas, paper, and gallery settings. As with any art medium, street artists become known for their signature style and the unique messages conveyed in their artwork.

AVone street art

Today, we're featuring the artwork of acclaimed street artist AVone. Described as the quintessential New York artist, AVone's style expresses both the growth and decay of the modern urban environment. Based in New York City, AVone was born and raised in Brooklyn, and the city greatly influences his work. 

AVone streetnotes

Artwork by AVone

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