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How to Draw a Dashboard Hula Doll

Who is ready for a Hawaiian vacation? Did we all raise our hands? We hope we all get to take an island trip soon, but in the mean time let's try our hand at this fun How to Draw a Dashboard Hula Doll lesson. Aloha!

How to Draw a Dashboard Hula Doll

Step 1: Use an H pencil to draw a stick figure with a curved spine.

draw hula doll 1

Step 2: Add basic shapes to fill out the form. We also suggest adding the arms in this step.

draw hula doll 2

Step 3: Keep fleshing out the forms, adding her face, hair, hands, feet, skirt, and flowers.

draw hula doll 3

Step 4: Refine the eyes and mouth, and use poofy shapes to define the flowers. Also refine the skirt.

draw hula doll 4

Step 5: Clean up the lines, darkening the ones you'll keep. Also develop the hands and feet.

draw hula doll 5

Step 6: Start shading, focusing on the hair and coconut top. To add the look of a dashboard figurine, add a circular base under her feet, which can also be shaded.

draw hula doll 6

Step 7: Use a B pencil to make everything darker; concentrate on the grass skirt and the shadow it casts on the legs, as well as the shadows on the figurine's base. Keep shading loose in this final stage.

draw hula doll 7

Text and artwork by Ed Tadem 

How can these shading techniques be applied to other drawing subjects?

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