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Watercolor Made Easy

Expressive Color

Paperback, 64 pages


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Product Description

Learn how to choose and use colors creatively to achieve rich and radiant effects in watercolor

Beginning watercolor artists can find it challenging to keep their artwork vibrant while creating a sense of color unity in their paintings. Often beginners over-mix their paints and/or choose colors strictly based on those they see in life, resulting in lackluster paintings devoid of radiance and life. In this delightful, 64-page guide, accomplished artist Joseph Stoddard shows artists how to improve upon reality to create rich, dynamic, and emotionally charged watercolor paintings. Joseph touches on all aspects of creating expressive watercolor paintings with a focus on color usage, from selecting color schemes and pairing pigments to suggesting a variety of moods. Unlike other how-to-paint books on the market, this guide encourages artists to interpret subjects in their own artistic voice, teaching how to communicate with color through stunning illustrations and clear step-by-step demonstrations.