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Walter Foster Authors & Artists

Varvara Harmon

Varvara is an award-winning multimedia artist who works with oil, acrylic, watercolor, silk paintings, and ink and pencil drawings. Her work has been juried into national and international exhibitions and is in private collections around the world.   

Varvara's work has been published in International Artist and American Artist magazines, as well as in The Best of America Oil Artists book in 2009 and The Best of World Landscape Artists in 2012. Varvara is a member of the International Guild of Realism, Oil Painters of America, and Landscape Artists International.

Born and raised in Volzshk, a small Russian city in central-European Russia, Varvara began painting as a child and studied at the Volzshk Art School, where she graduated with a Diploma in Art Studies. She immigrated to the U.S. in 2001 and lives in Maine, where she is daily inspired by the beauty of the land, inland waters, coast, and people.

Varvara is currently represented at several art galleries across the Northeast and teaches workshops and classes in acrylic, watercolor, and oil. Visit to learn more.