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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Walter Foster have retail stores?

No, Walter Foster does not operate any retail stores. Our products are sold worldwide through a wide range of stores, including art and craft stores, booksellers, gift and specialty stores, and online retailers.

Are tools and materials from Walter Foster kits sold separately?

No, Walter Foster does not sell our kit components separately. However, additional supplies similar to those provided in Walter Foster art or craft kits can be found at local art or craft stores.

How can I buy an ebook?

Many of our books are available in ebook formats. On each book detail page you will see a list of links under the "Buy from an Online Retailer" header. Select the link to your favorite ebook provider to see of an ebook is available and purchase your book from that retailer. We do not sell ebooks directly through the shopping cart. If the book you want isn't available as an ebook, check back often. We're converting more titles to ebook formats every day.

Can I sell the painting I made from one of your books?

Although we DO allow our drawings and paintings to be copied for your own education and pleasure, we do NOT allow you to sell or distribute artwork or other items (such as T-shirts, calendars, and gift tags) or create commercial logos that are based upon our authors’ work. For more detail, here is a full explanation of our copyright:

Walter Foster Publishing. All rights reserved. Our books have been published to aid aspiring artists. Reproduction of the work for study or finished art is permissible. Any photomechanical reproduction of art or art drawn from these publications for commercial purposes is forbidden without written consent from the publisher, Walter Foster Publishing.

All paintings, drawings, photographs, demonstrations, and text in our books are covered under the copyright.

You may copy the drawings and paintings when learning how to draw or paint, when practicing, or when painting for pleasure or hobby (this is what the books were designed for). 

You may not photograph, photocopy (“Xerox”), or reproduce by any other mechanical method any part of the actual books.

You may not copy the paintings or drawings for commercial sale (profit). This means that you may not sell a painting or drawing that you copied directly from one of our books. To sell your work without violating our copyright, you must make significant changes in the painting (or drawing), e.g., composition, color, elements, and so forth. In other words, the painting (or drawing) must be noticeably different than the original. (You may, of course, give away your paintings or drawings as gifts.) 

You may not use drawings, paintings, or any other part of the books for commercial logos, advertisements, letterhead, signs, or any other business purpose. 

Note: In certain circumstances, we will grant permission for specific commercial use. Please send us (link to email a sample of the artwork you wish to use, along with book number(s), title(s), and page number(s), and an example of the manner(s) in which you intend to use it. Please enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

Where can I find more information about copyrights?

If you have further questions about how copyrights work, please visit the U.S. government’s official site for more information.

How can I submit my ideas or artwork for a book?

We are always interested in receiving book proposal submissions that may be suited to our art instruction publishing program. If you have an idea for a specific book or kit, please visit our submissions page.